Writing Prompt: Inspiration from Observation

Alright, everyone, here's your first writing prompt! It's based on yesterday's post about observation and is short enough that you can put your response in a comment below if you feel so inclined. I'm interested to see what ideas you come up with!

What's something you noticed this week that you might use in a story someday?

Here's my response to get you started.

a Posh Man and a Red Scarf

At the train station this morning, I passed a man who had a sharp haircut, a nice black coat, a leather briefcase, and this ratted red scarf that was looped twice around his neck but was so thin that it didn't even cover half his neck.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw it (yes, now you all know that I'm a terrible person, but at least there was a window between us, so he didn't hear me). What's the point of wearing a scarf that doesn't actually do its job and keep your neck warm?

But then I thought, maybe his little sister made it for him for Christmas. Maybe his son did. Maybe it's a scarf from his childhood that he considers a lucky charm and is wearing because he has an interview today. Who knows?

One day I'm going to write a character who wears something that seems to clash with his personality or career or whatever but that actually speaks volumes about what's important to him or her.

What have you recently seen that inspired an idea for your writing?

Comment below!