Current Projects

Nonfiction book co-written with LeAnn Hunt ( that teaches a new way to think about a goals and how to teach them to your kids. A publisher has requested the manuscript, so it will be complete and submitted to them by September.

Goals With Kids


Science fiction novel whose first draft is 80% complete. I have a full manuscript request for this, and I'm planning to have a polished manuscript to send out by November. 

The Forest for the Tree

Science fiction short story for Writers of the Future. First draft is finished, but it needs some serious thematic revision.

Minimalism for Dragons: Why Your Hoard Will Never Bring You Happiness

The first in a self-help parody series called "Self-Help for Mythological Creatures." The outline and first chapter are finished. 


Possible Future Projects

Of Stone and Glass

Adult fantasy novel with awesome world-building, a handful of cool characters, and no plot. The first chapter won 1st place in the LDStorymakers Writing Conference First Chapter Contest in 2016 and got a full manuscript request because of it, but it literally only has one chapter written. But I love the characters arcs I have in mind, so I'm definitely coming back to this one. 

The Deaconess of Sholokov

Adult Russian-inspired fantasy (might end up as historical fantasy) with a handful of characters, a half-baked plot, and whispers of world-building. Needs a lot of prewriting and outlining, but I love Russia and the direction this story is heading, so I'll get to this one eventually.

My Mother's Soul

Adult science fiction novel with 1/3 of the plot and 2/3 of the characters I need to start writing again. I wrote 30K words in an early draft before writing myself into a corner, so this needs a solid outline before I revisit it.