Just Start.

In honor of the past three days I've spent wracking my brain and trying to figure out exactly what strand of my mental slobber could possible be fit for publication as my very first blog post, I've finally and ironically decided to start with a short writing tip.


    Just Start.





Seriously, just start writing. If any part of you wants to be a writer, be a writer. Today. Right now. Grab a Post-It note and write down that strange character you met on the bus or the hilarity that your kids spouted or the first line of a poem or the name of the character of your next (and maybe first) novel.

Sitting and thinking is useful. In fact, plenty of people in the world could stand to do a lot more thinking before doing things. But generally not writers, and generally not people who want to be writers. I think we could use a little less thinking and more getting out of our own way and just starting to write.

There. I've started this blog. Now I'm a blogger.

Any thoughts? Comment below!