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Today I almost tested my recently claimed skills of being able to get home from anywhere in Nizhny. I caught a bus at about 5:00 that I’ve only taken two or three times before (and one of those times ended with me on the wrong side of the Oka River in the lower, industrial section of Nizhny).

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A Story About A Dedushka

I recognized somebody on a bus today. He’s an old man that I first saw in a bookstore called “Derigible.” David, James, Kaye, and I were there looking at books, huddled around the manga section of the bookstore discussing Doctor Who, Full Metal Alchemist, and general nerdom.

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Hedgehogs and KFC

Look what I found at the grocery store today: hedgehog cupcakes!They’re so cute, aren’t they? Apparently the pastry chef is very protective of her pastries though because right after I took this picture, I was told that photographing the food isn’t allowed

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