About "The Eck Method" Blog

This blog is a fish story. Well, a lot of fish stories really, meaning that they are mostly true stories angled either to be either humorous or exaggerated. Probably both.

Most obviously these are the fish stories of a young, married writer and editor and her family. The main cast members are ME (a redhead who is allergic to a lot of things and is terrified of butterflies), HUSBAND (a lovely mix of Nordic barbarian, a warrior-poet, and an engineer), and our growing clan of children.

But these are also the fish stories of my childhood and teenagehood and adulthood and what makes people the people they are and the strange thoughts I have that I sometimes think other people might have too.

And sometimes they're even fish stories about what makes life and loving worth it, but only if you pay very, very close attention.

*The title comes from the writing legacy on Husband's side: "Eck Method For Flute." Husband has a dream of one day writing a whole series of books with that title (e.g. Eck Method For Fly Fishing; Eck Method For Board Games; Eck Method For Sword Fighting; Eck Method For Barbarian Medicinal Training).

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